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Off Track Betting


Co-Ordinated by the Elbow River Casino.

 CONGRATULATIONS, Maccolm Bird and Barry Parker

are the winners of the 2016 Handicapping Contest.

!!Thank you to all the participants for another great year for the Handicapping Contest!!

!!Stayed tuned for any new Contest, coming soon!!

Opening Early for Breeders Cup

The Casino will open the OTB room to open early for Breeders Cup.

Fri. Nov, 3 2017 – 9 am open

Sat. Nov, 4 2017 – 9:30 am (Pre-Reservations only for Sammy’s Seats.)

Upcoming Races

To view a complete listing of the upcoming month’s Off Track Betting races being shown at the Elbow River Casino:

Jan 2018: CALENDAR OTB JAN (V2) 2018, Extended OTB JAN (V2) 2018

Every Friday and Saturday night you can get down to the great live acts on Elbow River Casino’s Bayou Stage.