How to play Roulette


The goal of Roulette is to guess where the ball will land on the roulette wheel and/or which colored space the ball will land on.

ROULETTE PRO TIP:¬†When the croupier is paying out, they’re doing a lot of mental math. Be patient and respectful to them and your fellow players!


The player examines the roulette table and places their bets on which space they think the ball will land. Inside bets have lower odds but pay out more. Outside bets have better odds but pay out less. Players place their bets before the beginning of each round and before the croupier signals ‘no more bets’.


Your new best friend. The roulette dealer who facilitates play. They can convert your money into roulette chips, help you place bets, and pay out bets.
Inside bets
Betting on the inside of the number grid, or specific numbers on the roulette wheel.
Outside bets
Betting on the outside of the number grid, or on colors (red or black) odds or evens, or first/second/third dozen number groupings.
Straight-up bet
The highest paying bet in roulette, a straight-up bet is the simplest wager you can make: place your bet on one of the number grids.
Split bet
A type of inside bet, where you place your bet on the line between two numbers that are adjacent to each other. Splits pay less than straight-up bets
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