Tile Pai Gow

How to play Tile Pai Gow

A Tile pai gow hand

Each player is dealt four tiles, it is the players job to sort these tiles into two separate hands. One hand being the low hand and the other being the high hand. Once ready the player will place the hands face down.


The goal of Tile Pai Gow is to have both hands outrank the hands of the banker. 

TILE PAI GOW TIP: When no hand is made the two tiles values are added together and this number determines the winner granted the banker didn’t make a hand. 

Note: The highest number value rewarded is 9 so anything higher then a 9 you subtract the 10 and take what’s left.


Players bet before the deal begins, placing their bets in front of them in the designated betting areas. 



Gee Juen
The best hand in the game consisting of a 3 tile and a 6 tile.
The second strongest hand consisting of 2 identical tiles.
Unmatched pairs
The third highest hand consisting of 2 tiles of equal value but not identical.
The fourth highest hand consisting of a 12 or a 2 tile paired with any 9 tile.
The fifth highest hand consisting of any 12 or 2 tile matched with any 8 tile.
Wild Cards
A tile with a 6 or 3 value is known as a "wild card". They can be valued as a 6 or a 3.
In the event of a draw between the player and the banker the previous bets get pushed to the next round.
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